My Take on the P5

So today I was on a meeting for my school’s debate club. We were debating about the UN’s Security Council and their veto power. But let me explain to you what is the veto power and the Security Council.

As you may already know, the UN has several branches or committees, like the General Assembly, The Science and Technology Committee, The Economic and Social Council, The Secretariat and International Court of Justice and their most important committee, The Security Council. The Security Council is conformed of 15 members, the P5 or Permanent Five which are the ones who won WWII (USA, China, Russia, France and the UK) and 10 non permanent members which are rotated every two years. The P5 have veto power over resolutions that pass or not on the Security Council. The Security Council is the only branch of the UN that can make a country do something.

Now let me explain the veto power. Let’s suppose I take the P5 to eat, USA, UK, France, China and I want to eat McDonald’s and Russia want’s Burger King, we will all starve because one of the P5 didn’t like what the rest of the Security Council wants. In the Security Council resolutions do not pass by simple majority, If a resolution is to pass on the S.C. it need’s the unanimity of the P5 which hardly ever happens because of their own countries differences and interests.

What this creates is a state of bureaucracy in the UN and promotes Imperialism. An organization which supposedly promotes democracy acts like a dictatorship, so there are double standards here.

Some people say that they earned the right to be there by winning WWII. I think that people who think that are complete idiots and ignorants. Nobody won WWII, everybody lost. War is about who surrenders the last. In WWII they only won the liberty of their country and their people, NOT the right to rule over others. Look at the OAS, the US started it… Now it’s down to shit…

I don’t care if the P5 exist or not. What really bothers me is that goddamn veto power. It makes the whole world fall behind, It makes countries think they’re better than others, It promotes inequality, It makes the world worse. If it was for me, there would be no veto power at all.


Bradley Manning: Over 2 Years In Prision

The day we last saw Assange he was making declarations on a balcony at the Ecuatorian embassy, the same day, Manning had over 800 days in prision. 817 to be exact. He is being held at Fort Leavenworth Penitentiary, the same prision that held Al Capone in his days.

Manning is held there for being responsible of the biggest leak in classified american warfare and diplomatic correspondance in US ever.

The government believes Manning downloaded hundreds of thousands of documents while he worked as an intelligence analyst near Baghdad during the Iraq war. The government alleges Manning handed the information to WikiLeaks which sparked tremendous controversy when it began publishing it in late summer 2010.

For the past two years, Assange has been careful to not say whether Manning was or was not the source of the information. It’s worth noting that Manning, too, has not said a word on the subject either (though a chat log published by Wired magazine, the government argues, suggests Manning is the source.)

He is facing over 20 charges and is scheduled to start his trial on September 21. He’s accused of wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the Internet, knowing that it was accessible to the enemy and multiple counts of theft of public records. The most serious charge “aiding the enemy” makes Manning eligible for the death penalty. Prosecutors have said they’ll not seek that. Many experts on the topic say that Mr Manning may or may not be the rest of his life in prison. During Assange’s declarations he said “If he really did as he is accused, then he is a hero.”,  “an example to us all and one of the world’s foremost political prisoners.”

But Manning still fight through he’s supporters. A YouTube video shows a throng of protesters outside Obama’s Oakland Campaign office doors. They played instruments and chanted, “We want freedom for Bradley Manning!”

Link to Assange’s declaration video

USA vs SYRIA: Not a war… Yet…

 *Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad

On a press conference, President of the United Sates, Barack Obama said that Bashar Al-Assad should listen to the United States warnings not to use of move any chemical or biological weapons and cross the “red line” and force a U.S. military response.

Obama said that they don’t wan’t that biological weapons fall in wrong hands. The president added that U.S. officials are carefully monitoring the situation and they have ideated a number of contingency plans.

I agree with these actions taken by President Obama. Although I’d hate to say this since I have inclinations to a “left party”, I think that this is one of the few things The United States does to protect the world. Yes, they may have started a war in the middle-east to satisfy their own selfish needs, this is a way of making us know that they aren’t so bad after all.

A world war with relatively deadlier weapons would end with humanity.

Israeli President Shimon Peres has said his country too is preparing contingency plans to attack Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal if Israel is directly threatened. In September 2007, Israeli jets bombed a building in Syria that the U.N. nuclear agency eventually concluded was “very likely a nuclear reactor.”

Obama’s warning on Monday came as Muslims in Syria celebrated the second of three days of feasting to honor the end of the holy month of Ramadan, the holiday’s message of amity and tolerance contrasted sharply with reality.

At least 122 people were killed Monday, including two children and their mother in Daraa, the Local Coordination Committees of Syria opposition group said. It was truly horrible, but It’s their governments responsibility to take care of this happenings, not wait the USA invade them and then whine about it.

I would understand

OUYA: Worth it or not?

OUYA: Is it worth the 99$? First of all let’s talk about what is the Ouya. It is an upcoming indie gaming console that is built on an open source software that will be runnig on Android mobile OS and it is expected to be released on march 2013. The Ouya was announced July of this year as a new home video game console. On July Ouya started a Kickstarted campaign to see how many people were interested in the project. Within the first 8 hours it reached it’s goal and currently it is at eight and a half million.

The console is supposed to run free to TRY indie games, notice how I emphasized on the try? That’s right, most people tought that these games were free to play. Free to play (F2P) and free to try (F2T) are two completely different things. “A 99$ demo console” said Gunns4Hire on one of his videos and I agree with him. You are paying 99 buck to get just a demo machine that runs on cell phone GPU, the best looking game you can probably play on that thing is Angry Birds…

The Ouya pitch follows thus; Everyone loves console games on a huge HD TV, but consoles are expensive to develop for and expensive to buy. What if you could create a console that is only 99 bucks and was open source, free from licensing and manufacturing fees that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have?

What’s more, those games will be of triple-A quality and offer “at least some gameplay for free”, with developers deciding when they actually begin charging players for the privilege of playing their games. Sounds beautiful right? Yeah, but how do you expect to have Uncharted 3 or Battlefield 3 or Skyrim on a console which graphics card is one designed for your phone? The Nvidia Tegra-3 is capable of dealing with graphics on a 3.5″ screen just fine, but then multiply the requirements times 15 to fit a regular Widescreen HD TV, it will fry the poor mobile GPU…

That’s why I don’t see a future for the Ouya in the hardcore gaming comunity. It will sell well but it will only be popular with the casual gamers.

Update: Julian Assange Breaks The Silence!

In the last hours, Mr Julian Assange made a declaration from a balcony on the Ecuador embassy on The UK. Assange demanded the U.S. to stop the “witch hunt” against WikiLeaks and himself. “As WikiLeaks stands under threat, so does the freedom of expression and the Health of our societies” said Assange during his declaration. I agree with him, like I said on my previous post on Assange which I’ll link HERE, I said that It’s known that when something happens and the American Government doesn’t like it, It’s going down.

“The U.S. war on whistleblowers must end” and called for the freedom of Mr Bradley Manning, a U.S. solider suspected of giving hundreds of thousands of pages of secret American government documents to Assange for publication on WikiLeaks. These people are not traitors, or deserters, they are the people that stand by what they believe is right and have the balls to do what they did.

Assange fled to the embassy to avoid extradition to sweden where he would be questioned for alleged “sex crimes”. Like I said on my last post on Assange, he would only be extradited to sweden under bullshit charges just to later be taken to America where he would face charges for treason.

Assange’s attorney Baltazar Garzon said Mr Assange is willing to answer Swedish prosecutors questions, but only if he is given certain guarantees. I guess protection from extradition to America.

I will still be on the side of Assange because I believe that what he did was the right thing to grant transparency and inform people what their governments are hiding from them.

Original Report and Video

World: Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot is a Feminist Punk-Rock Band from Russia. They are known for their political activism in Moscow. On February of this year, they staged a “performance” on the Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ The Saviour, motivated by their opposition to current Russian president Putin and the politics of the Russian Orthodox Church. They were stopped by the church security after they did sever damage to property of the church. Their trial began on July and raised a lot of controversy in Russia and Globally. Yesterday they were convicted for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred and they were convicted for two years in prison.

Personally I’m not a religious person and consider myself and atheist but I respect other religions and believe that their punishment was too light. What they did was still a hate crime and should take on a harsher sentence. But, courtrooms are not about who speaks the truth, it’s about who argues the best and if Pussy Riot got a good attorney there is nothing to do. Do you think like me and think they deserve a harsher sentence?