My Take on the P5

So today I was on a meeting for my school’s debate club. We were debating about the UN’s Security Council and their veto power. But let me explain to you what is the veto power and the Security Council.

As you may already know, the UN has several branches or committees, like the General Assembly, The Science and Technology Committee, The Economic and Social Council, The Secretariat and International Court of Justice and their most important committee, The Security Council. The Security Council is conformed of 15 members, the P5 or Permanent Five which are the ones who won WWII (USA, China, Russia, France and the UK) and 10 non permanent members which are rotated every two years. The P5 have veto power over resolutions that pass or not on the Security Council. The Security Council is the only branch of the UN that can make a country do something.

Now let me explain the veto power. Let’s suppose I take the P5 to eat, USA, UK, France, China and I want to eat McDonald’s and Russia want’s Burger King, we will all starve because one of the P5 didn’t like what the rest of the Security Council wants. In the Security Council resolutions do not pass by simple majority, If a resolution is to pass on the S.C. it need’s the unanimity of the P5 which hardly ever happens because of their own countries differences and interests.

What this creates is a state of bureaucracy in the UN and promotes Imperialism. An organization which supposedly promotes democracy acts like a dictatorship, so there are double standards here.

Some people say that they earned the right to be there by winning WWII. I think that people who think that are complete idiots and ignorants. Nobody won WWII, everybody lost. War is about who surrenders the last. In WWII they only won the liberty of their country and their people, NOT the right to rule over others. Look at the OAS, the US started it… Now it’s down to shit…

I don’t care if the P5 exist or not. What really bothers me is that goddamn veto power. It makes the whole world fall behind, It makes countries think they’re better than others, It promotes inequality, It makes the world worse. If it was for me, there would be no veto power at all.