OUYA: Worth it or not?

OUYA: Is it worth the 99$? First of all let’s talk about what is the Ouya. It is an upcoming indie gaming console that is built on an open source software that will be runnig on Android mobile OS and it is expected to be released on march 2013. The Ouya was announced July of this year as a new home video game console. On July Ouya started a Kickstarted campaign to see how many people were interested in the project. Within the first 8 hours it reached it’s goal and currently it is at eight and a half million.

The console is supposed to run free to TRY indie games, notice how I¬†emphasized on the try? That’s right, most people tought that these games were free to play. Free to play (F2P) and free to try (F2T) are two completely different things. “A 99$ demo console” said Gunns4Hire on one of his videos and I agree with him. You are paying 99 buck to get just a demo machine that runs on cell phone GPU, the best looking game you can probably play on that thing is Angry Birds…

The Ouya pitch follows thus; Everyone loves console games on a huge HD TV, but consoles are expensive to develop for and expensive to buy. What if you could create a console that is only 99 bucks and was open source, free from licensing and manufacturing fees that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have?

What’s more, those games will be of triple-A quality and offer “at least some gameplay for free”, with developers deciding when they actually begin charging players for the privilege of playing their games. Sounds beautiful right? Yeah, but how do you expect to have Uncharted 3 or Battlefield 3 or Skyrim on a console which graphics card is one designed for your phone? The Nvidia Tegra-3 is capable of dealing with graphics on a 3.5″ screen just fine, but then multiply the requirements times 15 to fit a regular Widescreen HD TV, it will fry the poor mobile GPU…

That’s why I don’t see a future for the Ouya in the hardcore gaming comunity. It will sell well but it will only be popular with the casual gamers.