USA vs SYRIA: Not a war… Yet…

 *Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad

On a press conference, President of the United Sates, Barack Obama said that Bashar Al-Assad should listen to the United States warnings not to use of move any chemical or biological weapons and cross the “red line” and force a U.S. military response.

Obama said that they don’t wan’t that biological weapons fall in wrong hands. The president added that U.S. officials are carefully monitoring the situation and they have ideated a number of contingency plans.

I agree with these actions taken by President Obama. Although I’d hate to say this since I have inclinations to a “left party”, I think that this is one of the few things The United States does to protect the world. Yes, they may have started a war in the middle-east to satisfy their own selfish needs, this is a way of making us know that they aren’t so bad after all.

A world war with relatively deadlier weapons would end with humanity.

Israeli President Shimon Peres has said his country too is preparing contingency plans to attack Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal if Israel is directly threatened. In September 2007, Israeli jets bombed a building in Syria that the U.N. nuclear agency eventually concluded was “very likely a nuclear reactor.”

Obama’s warning on Monday came as Muslims in Syria celebrated the second of three days of feasting to honor the end of the holy month of Ramadan, the holiday’s message of amity and tolerance contrasted sharply with reality.

At least 122 people were killed Monday, including two children and their mother in Daraa, the Local Coordination Committees of Syria opposition group said. It was truly horrible, but It’s their governments responsibility to take care of this happenings, not wait the USA invade them and then whine about it.

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