Update: Julian Assange Breaks The Silence!

In the last hours, Mr Julian Assange made a declaration from a balcony on the Ecuador embassy on The UK. Assange demanded the U.S. to stop the “witch hunt” against WikiLeaks and himself. “As WikiLeaks stands under threat, so does the freedom of expression and the Health of our societies” said Assange during his declaration. I agree with him, like I said on my previous post on Assange which I’ll link HERE, I said that It’s known that when something happens and the American Government doesn’t like it, It’s going down.

“The U.S. war on whistleblowers must end” and called for the freedom of Mr Bradley Manning, a U.S. solider suspected of giving hundreds of thousands of pages of secret American government documents to Assange for publication on WikiLeaks. These people are not traitors, or deserters, they are the people that stand by what they believe is right and have the balls to do what they did.

Assange fled to the embassy to avoid extradition to sweden where he would be questioned for alleged “sex crimes”. Like I said on my last post on Assange, he would only be extradited to sweden under bullshit charges just to later be taken to America where he would face charges for treason.

Assange’s attorney Baltazar Garzon said Mr Assange is willing to answer Swedish prosecutors questions, but only if he is given certain guarantees. I guess protection from extradition to America.

I will still be on the side of Assange because I believe that what he did was the right thing to grant transparency and inform people what their governments are hiding from them.

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World: Why I think Assange is a hero


Hello there and today I’m going to talk about why I think Julian Assange is innocent. First of all lets talk about who is he and why he does what he does. Taken from wikipedia’s article on Assange:

Julian Paul Assange (born 3 July 1971) is an Australian editor, activist, political talk show host, computer programmer, publisher and journalist. He is best known as the editor-in-chief and founder of WikiLeaks, a media website which has published information from whistleblowers. The site acts as a conduit for worldwide news leaks, with a stated purpose of creating open governance.”

Basicly he is the one behind WikiLeaks. and He is now under protection of the Equatorian embassy in London because he is avoiding extradition to Sweden. Equator is asking The UK for a safe passage out of the country for Assange. This was in vane, The UK refused to grant a “safe passage” out of the country for Assange after Equator announced that they are giving him political asylum.

President Rafael Correa said in an interview:

“The main reason why Julian Assange was given diplomatic asylum was because his extradition to a third country was not guaranteed; in no way was it done to interrupt the investigations of Swedish justice over an alleged crime. In no way.”

What does this tell us? That if Assange is sent to Sweden to face “justice” for his “crimes”, this may just be under bullshit charges to then be extradited to America where he will face American justice because his website released information about the U.S. government that the U.S. didn’t wanted to be known.

I mean, I love Disney and have nothing against the country but it is known that when something happens and the American Government doesn’t like it, you can almost guarantee that it is GONE from the face of the earth. This is not new, this comes from years and years of arrogance from part of the U.S. I mean, if you are the biggest kid in the playground, you get the feeling that you own the playground and that is what happened to the U.S. after “winning” the cold war.

Now, let’s take a look at WikiLeaks. The word Leak means: a disclosure of secret, especially official, information, as tothe news media, by an unnamed source. This means that someone from the inside gave the information to Assange, so he is not completely guilty for this.

The reason why I think Assange is a hero is because you need balls to do what he did and he spitted on the face of a giant without being afraid of what would happen to him. He took out the dirty laundry and showed it to the world beacuse he believed that the world needed to know that their governments are not as transparent as they should and he made a more informed world and I believe that what he did was the right thing to do.